"Sliptongue is that rare breed of sites that does the simple things simple. Great erotic fiction, a cool weblog, some fun epigrams, and even poetry! This is one of those "Add to Favorites" that we will watch from here on. Seriously, it just doesn't get much better than this."
-- Freddy and Eddy (of freddyandeddy.com)

"Nothing else on the Net like it: Sliptongue somehow manages to marry elegance with raunchiness, classiness with belly laughs. And then there are those dark, shivery moments..."
-- June Maylor

"Sliptongue's almost as much fun as being tied up and tickled with feathers and necklace chains until I turn inside out and scream."
-- Caroline Worthington

"As a child, I was fond of sowing confusion by switching the address numbers of buildings, placing false delivery orders with furniture stores, and exchanging the license plates of cars. As an adult, I enjoy reading Sliptongue."
-- Nicollo F.

"My favorite food is oysters: I love prying open the tight shells, tonguing the sweet slippery meat, and sucking it into my mouth. My favorite read is Sliptongue: I love to tingle and melt."
-- Miss Fiona

"Listen: in any workplace there are unhappy, depressed, stupid people whose only pleasure in life is killing the happiness of others, and seeking to have things run according to the dictates of their dismal personalities; so you've got to -- I repeat, got to! -- counterbalance their unhealthy influence by having sex under their noses at work as much as possible!"
-- Horace P. Hightower

"I adore gazing at fountains, splashing in warm coconut juice, stimulating myself in public places, going to confessional, and reading Sliptongue."
-- Chrissy Maye

"At work I always enjoy a tight skirt hiked up high -- long slender legs, firm succulent asses, lively eyes, sultry pouts -- flirting, teasing, laughing. And I've tasted of more than one cutie in a conference room because I lacked the patience to await the evening. What do I read between escapades at the office? Sliptongue, of course."
-- Sterling Brighton


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