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Glitter (Excerpt from the novel, THE NAKED SHOPPER)
by Karen Moulding

"Corey took off his shoes. I sat on my sofa to do the same and just as I began to worry about getting us past the ice-breaking part of this endeavor, Mick sat down right next to me, and put his hand on my neck in a way that was quite pleasing. I caught my breath and started to open my mouth to espouse a theory about this moment. Mick clamped his mouth over mine before I could talk."

River of Secrets, River of Mercy
by Kris Saknussemm

"Viola Mercy’s generous bosom was fully exposed, her hips arched, providing a tantalizing hint of that taboo passage that led to the secret place within her heart. The gambler still had on his once dapper but now slightly threadworn britches and his bull’s blood Spanish leather boots. His silver hand, however was hard at work. The dagger that had been projected from the index finger had been replaced by a device of equal length, significantly greater girth and arguably far more innovative utility, which St. Ives referred to as the 'Tickler.'" Sliptongue is honored to present a preview from the novel ENIGMATIC PILOT, scheduled by Random House for publication in 2008.

Spin Dry
by Sam Jayn
"Kay, who had been thrown to the kitchen floor, stared at the mess as she sat in a puddle of soapy water littered with burnt-out wires and fowl smelling clothes. She sighed angrily at the thought of the expense which loomed ahead of her. How much did washing machines cost nowadays anyway? No doubt they came with all the frills - an inbuilt fax machine, telephone and internet connection. Perhaps she should just buy a high-powered vibrator instead."

by Gary Earl Ross

"Newly single at 44, your only son grown, you find yourself pursuing the bachelorhood you missed by marrying at 19. You are determined to make up for the abstinence of the final years of your marriage. You’re still a good-looking man, with a body toned from years of sublimating unspent sexual energy into jogging and exercise. With a solid career and no one to support but yourself, you’re glad you had a vasectomy."

Taboo: A Memoir, Chapter Three
by Tom Hathaway
"In the late 1940s and early 1950s, when Diana was a teenager, the city attracted a stream of rebellious drifters. They were similar to the high plains drifters of the late 1800s who had made it their base, lone outcasts, many of them burnt out by the Civil War. The later group emerged disillusioned from World War Two. They too were restless seekers for ever-new beginnings on an open frontier, this time a mental one." Sliptongue is proud to serialize the first three chapters of Tom Hathaway's novel.

The Podiaphile
by M. Thomas Gammarino
"I entered this business on a quest to locate the perfect pair: feet like butter rolls, golden and glossy, not too soft nor too tough, youthful though mature, darling but by no means precious, unblemished, clipped, not a hair to speak of, sleek but full, pink heel, toes whose lengths make sense with respect to one another, arches elegant and neither too steep nor too flat, feet that bespeak a certain innocence and sensuality at once[...]"

Soho Surprise
by Gary Beck

"Donna was getting slightly upset and started to ask what was happening, when the door opened on a totally dark room. Unseen attendants took them by the arm and guided them to a dimly lit reception area. It was staffed by highly attractive young men and women, in very short, revealing togas. Teddy paid $100 each for their entrance fee and they were given short togas and a cloth bag to store their things."

Pleasure Chest
by Kelly Marie Johnston
"Gary had been working for the woman for years. Imagine, spending years of your life working in a basement shop that sells accessories for kinky sex. Don't get me wrong - I'm no prude and I'd say there's nothing at all wrong with kinky sex like the Kama Sutra - but this was dirty kinky sex. To live surrounded by it day in and day out for years, to live and breathe it non-stop; that is a sickness."

The Dire Consequences of My Libido
by Tara Alton

"I first learned about the dire consequences of my libido when I was twelve years old and I fell in love with my sister’s stuffed rabbit. His name was Claude, but let me get one thing out in the open about our situation. He was the one who began our romance when he kept staring at my bare legs from the shelf on the wall during the night."

The Slave
by Julia Morizawa

"I often wished that Scott and I were the type of people who could fall in love. The type of people who weren't afraid to do so. But to him, I was just a girl, and he was looking for a woman whom he could marry. And to me, he was just a home away from home. A comfortable set of arms that held me so much tighter than my boyfriend's."

Bohos, Mojos and The Pinus Arista
by Lynka Adams
"Now, truth be told, Corinna was not the type to put-out large on the first date. She had been raised with the attitude that guys should be tongue dripping, fur ball coughing slaves of adoration before they got even a taste of the divine honey pot. “The Golden Pussy Syndrome” is how a college friend once termed it. I.e. your pussy is so fine that only the best and brightest, driving ‘vettes and XKE’s get to pull into this garage. But that was in another land, far and away, and time and a lengthy relationship, not to mention a very strong sex drive, had made her reconsider the idea of bait and tease."

The Deflowering of Liam Laverty
By Alan Warren

"Tom must have worked his way through most of a bottle of Jim Beam. He had virtually melted into the dining table. His right forearm acted like an engineering support, the only thing keeping his face separate from the table’s polished surface. Felicity, who normally limited herself to a glass or two of white wine and soda, had been attacking the champagne this evening. Although not as wrecked as Tom, her complexion had reddened and gained a slick sheen, and her eyes were narrowed meanly; she was at the truculent stage of drunkenness familiar to bar-brawlers the length and breadth of the land."

The Alphabet Game
by Abeer Hoque
"Three months ago, Alexander’s life turned inside out. Three months ago, his older sister, Fiona, came back from the bad girls’ school to start her junior year at Clarion High. The house he had begun to think of as his own had become overrun by girls. Fiona’s girlfriends were very different from his 8th grade classmates. They laughed when he least expected, pouted through their fears, screamed when they got their way. The girls he was used to were less strident, less effusive, far less threatening."

A Dakota Education
by D. E. Fredd
"Three weeks after the funeral, a cold, hard reality settled in for some of the staff. As impolitic as it was for some women to think about, there was a very eligible man out there for the taking. Men in North Dakota, educated men especially, who know how to treat a woman were not that easy to come by. It was true that Jodi’s shadow would be difficult to overcome, but the reward was well worth the effort and, in the Castleton High community, there were three unmarried women who seriously began to wrestle with the situation."

Beside the Still Waters
by Randy Lowens
"Fortunately for Rachael, the Sunday morning paradox, the tension between the Sunday School practice and the Worship Service theory, the gaping chasm between God's love as experienced in Sunday School and God's vengeance as hinted at in the pastor's sermons, was a finite phenomena. That is, it only came to mind once a week, on Sunday mornings. For the remainder of the week, the Sunday School mythology of the Good Little Girl reined supreme. She knew that when the girls and boys at school shunned her, and called her "slut" and "whore", that she was only being persecuted for His sake."

Last Days in L.A.
by Bella Sapphire

"Every guy I’d been with before Simon had wanted to be on top most of the time, especially the first time. I always thought it was some kind of straight-man control issue, where they felt like they had to show me what they could do, or they were better able to keep an erection that way, or some other performance-related insecurity. I hadn’t complained. But Simon scooted out of his pants, lay down on his back, and as I leaned over him, he started grinning. I pulled my hair back with my hand. I still had my skirt on, but all that was between us really was my tiny lacy thong."

by Kevin P. Keating

"Ed didn’t want to look up from his plate of mashed potatoes because he knew that by doing so he would be implicated in this crime, an accessory to his wife’s condemnation, but the waitress was young and pretty, no more than nineteen- or twenty-years old, and he needed to inspect, to study, to fantasize about her slim physique, her disproportionately ample bust, the caked muck around her eyes, he had no choice in the matter, the human soul yearns for variety, he had to supply his dwindling libido with some kind of fuel however meager."

by A.P. Prescott
"Two years later and now she was there before him. When the lights had gone up, he had barely recognized her. As he approached the platform, though, he had seen how her hair reflected in the lights. Like a fiery halo. She was covered in paint and still as death. Living art. Automatically he felt his lungs take up a familiar rhythm. Inhaling deeply he could smell her; strongly female under hot lights. He stood there too long, others pushing their way to see her. The main exhibit. A small commotion and her eyes darted towards him."

Bethany Barefoot
by Tara Alton

"I know you’re asking why all the fuss. It’s because I have to go to my sister’s wedding. Actually, it’s her second time around, but she still wants all the drama and fuss because she likes to show off how clever and stylish she is. She was so taken with her first wedding that she actually wrote and self published a How to be a Bride book. She tried to sell it in the back of bridal magazines and lost thousands of dollars in advertising. Not one order came in."

The Big Perm
by Dawn Ryan

"Yes, there were warning signs, but the Big Perm’s fellow citizens couldn’t be blamed for their blind-eyed ignorance. They were a simple, working class people, and proudly so, who were often caught up in the urban wrangling of the larger city close-by and who also had an abundance of more obviously strange types lingering around the streets and parks due to the half-way house for the mentally-ill located behind the public library, the school for the deaf and blind nestled between the mall and the old arsenal, and the various bus-stops peppered around town that worked as caravan for the homeless and drunk, and it had only been a couple years since that cat-breeder was found and arrested for having freezers filled with dead, deformed, inbred kittens."

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