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The Grotto
by A.W. Hill
"'Let’s make a pact,' she said, her expression absent of its usual whimsy. 'For real and for sure. If anyone or anything ever tries to drive us from this place ... our place ... we’ll meet here at midnight on the first new moon after ... and die to this world ... together.' I nodded, because it all seemed part of her elaborate stage management, and I was then too poor a student of the female heart to grasp that, for Mona of the laughing eyes and mischievous grin, some things were deadly serious." A secret rendezvous place and ancient religion resurrected tale, by novelist A.W. Hill.

Receptionist Thrill
by Robert Scott Leyse
"The manner in which two people, complete strangers minutes before, can suddenly be facing each other in mutual transparency has never ceased to enthrall me: it's as if a will, separate from their individual wills, has taken matters into its own hands and is directing the proceedings regardless of their consent." Story by Robert Scott Leyse.

by Marie Drennan
"In the practice of caging, an advanced form of sexual bondage, a man is custom-fitted with a restrictive metal tube that prevents him from touching or stimulating his penis. It also prevents the penis from becoming erect. Some variations include interior bumps or spikes, which cause pain when the penis tries to stiffen. [...] Simultaneously stimulated and deprived of stimulation, the man and his dick become overwhelmed, frantic, desperate to come." Modern day penance and reflections on Mary Magdalen: a stunning first erotic tale by Marie Drennan.

Aphrodite's Mirror
by Dora Graham
"There was no coyness now in the way she spread her legs. She wanted them wide. Wide so that she could see herself in the mirror. With my pussy open and pink! Instead of taking the panties off, Trish pulled them aside. She had never really looked at it like this before. It's beautiful! Folds of soft pink, and darker red." A woman finds fun in a sex toy store tale, by Dora Graham.

No War
by Marguerite
"It has been a long time since I have feasted on breasts this tender and sweet. The orbs melt beneath my touch, little goose bumps rising to strain against my tongue. The thin, blue veins around her aureole become more pronounced. They serve to emphasise her vulnerability. I start to bite now, using my lips and teeth to suck sections of those perfect breasts into my mouth until they are left red and raw and ready to bruise." Marguerite returns with a sultry tale of passion at a peace demonstration.

a posteriori: A Tail of Erotic Initiation
by A.W. Hill
"This was an unexpected boon; a sort of kickback, I supposed, for having hired and then pimped for her. I had never had a woman this way. My wife wouldn’t even entertain the idea, not so much for fear of pain as for fear that doing it would open the floodgates to all kinds of perversion." A wild wench in a mask tale, by novelist A.W. Hill.

by Galloway
"The priest’s response startled me. I expected the usual condemnation, the usual stern warnings about lust as one of the seven deadly sins, about my lying to the man I presumably loved, the horrified silence when I tell him I feel no guilt at all. The priest just chuckled. 'Naughty little thing, aren’t you?' he said." A randy priest tale, by good Catholic girl Galloway.

Hula Nights
by William Starr Moake
"I had been hanging onto my sanity for far too long. It was probably futile to keep clutching at the last worn-out thread. I wondered if the mental institutions in Hawaii were comfortable. Guarded walks through tropical gardens, poi for lunch and basket weaving on cool rainy evenings. Didn't sound so bad when I thought about it." A rollicking Hawaii adventure tale, by novelist William Starr Moake.

Burn Mark
by Galloway
"He reached back and grasped her hot hand in his, his cool flesh hissing as her body heat began to scorch him in those first instants. He licked the palm of her hand, the wetness evaporating as soon as it touched her, the tip of his tongue swelling from the burns. She was almost in his gaze, he could see her in the periphery of his vision, stroking one breast through the smoke, the nipple hardening, the pale flesh like marble with veins of fire licking along her body." An enjoyable fire-play tale by good Catholic girl Galloway.

Enoch's Portal (excerpt from the book)
by A.W. Hill
"She racked his body until he felt as if his bones were the soft cartilage of a baby’s. She kneaded each centimeter of his skin with potter’s fingers, keeping the clay moist with a mouth so generous that Raszer perceived at last how Isis had managed to raise an erection from the emasculated corpse of her Osiris." A.W. Hill treats us to an excerpt from his novel, Enoch's Portal (Champion Press, 2002. ISBN 1891400592).

Page of Wands
by Cheyenne Blue
"I won't kneel, too bloody subservient, and no one in their right mind would kneel on these floors anyway, they're all streaky with piss from He Who Cannot Aim Straight. And I'm limber, lean and long, an agile skinny streak of nothing, I can twist over and bend down with ease." A tale of androgynyous frolic in the men's room, by Cheyenne Blue.

Bitch Goddess: from the novel, Ruby's Rules
by Lisabet Sarai
"I am in my Asian bitch goddess mode. I have pulled my hair back into a long, tight ponytail that hangs down to my waist. I am wearing butter-soft black leather: laced vest, miniskirt, stiletto-heeled boots, broad studded belt. From that belt hangs an elegant little flogger, a statement and an invitation. My eyelids are silver and my lips are scarlet. I am gorgeous, I know, an exotic vision of female power." A tantalizing excerpt from Lisabet Sarai's novel, Ruby's Rules (Blue Moon Books, 2003. ISBN 1-56201-329-7).

by Galloway
"Her hands began to move over her own flesh, nails lightly tracing the designs in the silk on the screen on her own body, the whisper of cloth as she slowly gathered her skirt higher, her own hands between her legs, following his in time, cupping the golden warmth that dampened the swelling lips, slick with moisture, full and ripe for the taking. She watched his face reflecting the light on the screen, lips parted as though for a kiss, his hands moving in their inexorable rhythm on his own skin." Film screen images and touch-hungry hands trade places in another sultry offering by good Catholic girl Galloway.

The Conductor
by A.W. Hill
"Now the viscous firewater, color of blonde tobacco, flowed for the third time down the sacral spine, only this time it was allowed to run down the cleft of her ass and onto the tender lips of her vagina, where its astringency begged for the healing balm of saliva. The experienced ladies could stand nearly a full minute of the exquisitely fiery torment before they cried out for the tongue; the novices screamed out and pleaded instantly for relief." Novelist (Enoch's Portal) A.W. Hill presents us with an engaging tale concerning a cathouse on rails.

by Galloway
"Licking the weal that gleams red on his pale skin I can taste the places where the flesh has broken open. I bite the welts, then slide my lips over the bruised places, rub my cheek against his belly like a cat. I shift my grip on the scissors, holding them by the blades, and press the length of them into his chest." A scissor-play tale by good Catholic girl Galloway.

Incognito (excerpt from the book)
by Lisabet Sarai
"Flirting, playing, teasing the man on the subway was one thing; his sudden physical presence was something else, shocking and foreign." A tantalizing excerpt from Lisabet Sarai's novel, Incognito (Blue Moon Books, 2002. ISBN 1-56201-279-7).

by Marguerite
"On the night before their wedding, they toasted each other by drinking champagne flutes of each other's blood, their arms entwined in the traditional manner. That first time though, on the night they met, he had drunk straight from her source without recourse to crystal glasses." An absorbing blood-bond tale by schoolteacher Marguerite.

by Galloway
"No one else liked to be alone with the dead besides him. He was comfortable in their silent presence, with their yielding personalities. Among them he was the king in his solitary kingdom, and the raven-haired girl with kelp-riddled hair was his queen." Ex-Catholic schoolgirl and avid de Sade reader Galloway provides us with a dark tale of sex in the unlikeliest of places.

Missouri Escapades (Election 2000)
by Fiona Hendricksen
Missouri's election antics were lost in Florida's spotlight. Sliptongue contributor Fiona Hendricksen seeks to show that Missouri also knows how to party: three election night anecdotes.

by Robert Scott Leyse
"And your eyes also dart, don't they Lydia? You are a trifle uneasy, wondering about our destination. But why bother? You know as well as I that you cannot help but come, that the strongest part of you is the one which lead you to leave the club in the first place -- the same one which attracts you to the whip." Sultry suspense by Robert Scott Leyse.

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