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The Best-Laid Plans
by Barry Baldwin

"Trotsky himself might have been given pause by the practical problems of introducing revolutionary ideology to a sex toy factory, which is what Sakamoto Enterprises amounted to. An X-rated Santa's grotto, with its implausible dildos and vibrators, batteries not included. The pièce-de-résistance was the fully inflatable girl doll, packaged under a variety of trade names such as Sexee Sindee."

by Robin Reinach
"At the health food store a man who’s leaving holds the door open. His dark hair is tousled, and he needs a shave, but his lips are full and pink. Smile, and Alexis shimmesrs around you. Beneath the denim skirt, summer air kisses the crotch. Squeeze and hold . . . hold, tightening the inner walls, feeling the inner itch. Invite the health food man with a toss of the head, a sparkle in the eye, but he looks away, scared."

I Awoke to Horrors!
by Edward Haven

"She ceased plying her disciplinary craft, poised motionless and silent like a reptile ready to strike! staring down at me like I was her next meal! (The image of those predatory eyes, smoldering with flames of primal cruelty and hunger, burnt forever into the tenderness of my frontal lobe!) Then she grinned lasciviously, leaned to my face, and lustily slobbered me with her liquored lips and tongue." A crone-lusts-for-boytoys tale, by Edward Haven.

Diary of a Convent Girl: A Serial
by Galloway

"Bracing one foot against the wall by the grille I continued to touch my own body, gasping for breath, my lungs fighting against the whalebone stays encircling my ribs as I watched the priest’s hands move more rapidly, jerkily, a cloudy fluid spilling over his fingertips as he began to groan in time to his motions, my own eyes rolling back as a rapture like the annunciation filled me, bursting through me, radiating outward from my center." First installment of a schoolgirls-at-the-convent serial, by Galloway.

Taboo: A Memoir, Chapter One
by Tom Hathaway
"The reactionaries view this as a great threat. They know the next and most fundamental stage of the sexual revolution is beginning, and they are trying to stop it with scare stories and punishment, just as they tried in years past against masturbation, oral sex, premarital sex, and homosexuality." Sliptongue is proud to serialize the first three chapters of Tom Hathaway's novel.

Trading Up
by R. G. Larsen

"'There is a factory incentive for another two thousand dollars off which just expired. I can have Scott rewrite the sales order and pre-date it so it looks like you bought the car a couple of days ago.' She nodded her acceptance but raised her eyebrows in question. 'The deal is you do it again for Scott right here in on the sales floor. You do it exactly as you did it last night but after we close and turn the lights down.'"

Jenny and the Big Bad Department Store
Tara Alton
"This was ridiculous. There had to be somewhere I could try on the t-shirts in peace. I gazed around the store, my attention landing on the men’s department. It was practically deserted. There were no lines. Heck, I’ve heard of women using the men’s bathroom in a time of crises. Why not use their dressing room?"

Shades of Heaven, Degrees of Hell
by Sidney Kidd
"Such was the scene of our passion. We combined our sexual desire and a jealous rage to create our emotional masterpiece. The fluidity of her lascivious dance flowed into the horizontal tango of Death as she put to canvass this Monet of her needs. A soft translucent haze arose from her limp body. She paused to cast a smile and a seductive wink then turned and skipped across the crisp night air."

The Hitman and Ruby Moon
by William Starr Moake
"Huntley thinks he's a lady killer, but he couldn't score if his life depended on it. I ate lunch the other day at a sidewalk cafe in Waikiki, watching Huntley strike out twice with young women tourists on the beach. He has a wife back in Detroit, a real woofer who left him for a nightclub bouncer. He could do better if he combed his hair once in awhile and bathed more often."

Right Click
by D.E. Fredd

"But Regs was a right click sort of a guy. It was a world few of us beginners ever dared to explore. His right clicks brought up menus, properties, advanced tabs, micros and boxes to check and uncheck that I never imagined existed. At least once a period he froze the computer as he reconnoitered the unknown. [...] In his view teachers were the enemy; their sole function was to thwart us from finding and enjoying the many pleasures on the internet."

Crowd Pleaser (from Fire: Short Stories)
by Lisabet Sarai
"Pausing briefly, he buried his nose in her curly muff. The scent drove him wild. "Let's see you, all of you," he said softly. In one motion, he stripped her dress over her head and let it fall. It floated through the curlicues of the ornamented railing, pale in the falling dusk, and onto the street below. If anyone had been passing, the wisp of clothing would have perhaps entangled itself on his head, leading him inexorably to look up."

Beyond the Call of Duty
by Paul Jump

"And, standing on a discarded wooden box used for delivering medical supplies, I was able to see, to my utter astonishment, Beatrice sitting at the head of the bed, holding a candle in front of her perfect, naked breasts and smiling lovingly into the lieutenant’s sickly, disbelieving eyes. Ah, it was like a vision: a vision of some long forgotten saint depicted by some long forgotten Renaissance artist in a pose of holy beatitude."

To Delphine, With Love and J.D. Salinger
by William Starr Moake
"'You're making fun of me, but I know what I'm doing. Everyone wants to fuck me. It's not that I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, not even the most beautiful girl in this wretched coastal town -- just the randiest and wildest, the one who looks underage and helpless. Men love underage minge.'"

Boys and Girls Come Out to Play
by Barry Baldwin

"There was a Helen Rowe in every village. The sort of girl that gets buried in a Y-shaped coffin. It had very little to do with the way they looked. Faces didn’t count. It was common knowledge that you didn’t look at the mantlepiece when you were poking the fire. What mattered was that they had the experience and the know-how to take you in hand and get things started."

In the Locker-Room
by Alan Gordon
"The first few grabbed me. They held me down. I thought for sure...well, I thought what any women would think in that situation. And then they started pulling off my clothes. All at once. Like five or six different sets of hands just grabbing, and pulling, and ripping. That’s when I was sure. They were going to rape me."

Ten Minutes in The Hot Tub
by Robin Reinach
"I turn my head; my brown eyes release the shelter, the anchor of her green ones. Andy’s hand keeps caressing my sex while my face rotates toward the semicircle of ladies. As if that trio knows something is happening, as if they sense some subtle energy shift, the group grows quiet; their eyes focus on me."

How To Make A Baby
by Robert Levin
"I was also, much of the time, in a small rage about the new burden I'd be taking on. I'm referring not to the responsibility of child raising per se, but to the fact that no matter how large was the contempt I'd developed for humanity over the years, having a child would force me to care about what the world might be like after I died."

The Healer
by Jennifer Tiernay
"Drachen struggled against the invisible weight pressing down on his body. He had heard rumors of this half sleep place where you are unable to move ~ as if frozen between the dimensions of dreams and awareness. Every night, even though he couldn’t move, the veil between the physical and the non-physical seemed as if it were getting thinner. The transparency in the “other dimension” ~ where this woman came from ~ was cutting through to Drachen’s realm."

Taboo: A Memoir, Chapter Two
by Tom Hathaway
"I was dreaming my penis was a candle, and mother leaned over and lit the wick with a match, not to burn it but to inflame it with passion. She had to get quite close, but it didn't hurt at all and the wick took fire and the whole candle glowed with translucent blue light that shone over our faces." Sliptongue is proud to serialize the first three chapters of Tom Hathaway's novel.

To Flaming Youth
by Gary Beck

"We sailed on Long Island Sound almost every afternoon with the Germayne twins, Ginnie and Melody. They were identical redheads, with long curly hair, green eyes, freckled pale skin and strong athletic bodies. They were striking rather than pretty, but they were very spirited. Steve had slept with both of them last summer, but they weren't jealous or possessive and we had a lot of fun together. I was still tortuously shy with girls and much too timid to try anything with Melody, though I really liked her."

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