Epigrams / Page ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR

by St. Fond

Epigram I.30
  Sland'rous John-John dispenses lie after lie,
Seeks to sever the deep regard which ties
Me to sweet Aimee, interpose distrust,
The better to
sate his impatient lust.
  He shall find my sweet one feigning belief,
Straining – eager – to immerse me in grief;
Find her proposing a hot rendezvous
Calculated to set my mind askew;
Find her panting for his deceiver's hands,
Insisting betrayal is something grand.
  Aimee shall inform John-John of date
Place, and time – shall so his thoughts captivate
With a promise of rapt'rous pleasure
He'll never think to be cautious, measure
Off an ounce of reason, reflect upon
The ease of the conquest, suspect a con.
  Vain stupid John-John shall enter a dark
Stairwell at midnight and hear the loud bark
Of a dog trained to seize legs, shake and bite,
When given the signal I shall recite
With joy; after Wolf's ripped a muscle or two,
Stupid John shall be treated to a brew
Of rancid blood, sugar, and piss – a stew
Which shall be poured over the railing
Onto his conceited, deceived, wailing
Head by sweet Aimee as I die of glee.

Epigram I.29
Aimee's inflammable: spice for the sauce
Of frolic, true; but beware when she's cross –
Cornered cats aren't more apt to bite and swipe,
Hiss and spit. When Aimee's ripe with a gripe,
A petite girl becomes two tons of rage
Tossing things as if they're flimsy pages
Of paper – deaf to entreaty, hell bent
On stomping self-esteem to excrement!

Epigram I.28
Why does Clovis steal, you ask? Why did he
Unwrap that sable stole from
Mindy Lee's
Shoulders at the charity gathering,
Set her miserly mate to lathering
At the loss? Why did he separate Purl
From her spare pair of stockings (heedless girl,
Allowed them to partly spill from her purse
As if quick-handed Clovis -- girl's worst curse --
Wasn't close)? Why did he pinch that mohair
Headband from Gloria? Why does he dare?
Clovis steals to sustain fetish-heaven:
Only girl things get his bread to leaven.

Epigram I.27
Sure, Missy requires conflict and drama,
Wants a relationship with high trauma;
Nothing's more poisonous to her than peace:
Kindness inspires contempt, without cease!
So why remain entangled with Hell's Belle,
Instead of finding a sunny philomel –
Sweetly singing – who mindlessly adores?
Because easily earned regard also bores!

Epigram I.26
Missy hisses and claws without remorse:
If she has a fit it's my fault, of course!
Why? Because I "hurt her" by declining
To heed a whim; instead of opining
That she was behaving like a spoiled child
I should've taken steps to make her mild!
Then, by God, she would've pleased me no end
Instead of scratching, with intent to rend!
Missy's forgetting my masculine pride:
Discontent for me if I let it slide.

Epigram I.25
The thrill of deception, avoiding detection:
It's almost better than a day-long erection.

Epigram I.24
There's nothing quite as therapeutic as the sight
Of a randy nubile undressing for the night.

Epigram I.23
Paradise is girded about by swords?
Well, Sue's cunt lies behind her vocal chords.

Epigram I.22
Sammy's foresworn ass, turned woman hater.
Why? He mangled cock in a meat grater.

Epigram I.21
Celia's truly a sex-kitten --
One emerges scratched, spat at, bitten.


Epigrams / Page ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR

St. Fond's Epigrams
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