We Are Sexual Beings by Nature

by Michael Battram

And being by nature blest--and doomed--
In our desires, we heed the call
Of needs we’ve never even named.

Yes, even decent people fall
To ruin because of things like this:
A simple slip, a lapse of control.

A passing glance, a New Year’s kiss,
Becomes a lurid incident,
A turning point, a fall from grace;

Yet, hoping grace is heaven-sent
And second chances come for free,
We fail, and fall, and then repent

Again. One more erotic spree--
If we’re not careful--comes and goes
Like smoke in wind, and mindlessly

We put our necks into the noose
Once more, invite the drop, the snap.
No matter what we risk, or lose,

We never ditch the stupid hope
We’ll be immune from past deeds done,
And destiny is ours to shape.

We join the party, drink and clown,
Yet never have the sense to leave
Before we’ve passed out on the lawn.

The repetitious nature of
Our lusts, the body’s true desires,
Defies the nobler part of love
As often as the lust requires.


Michael Battram has published over 100 poems over the years, in various small magazines and in many different forms and styles, from academic to alternative to "ashcan." Recent publications include Abbey, The Formalist, Free Lunch, Wavelength, and others. He lives in Southern Indiana.

We Are Sexual Beings by Nature
© 2005
by Michael Battram
All rights reserved.





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