The Scrolling of the Letters in Your Name

by Kimberly Duncan

A letter I received from you, my love.
But this one not like the others sent
Your harsh words had sent me on the moor
And there I wondered dazed, in sorrow bent.
Clasping the page and through my tears did strain
To see the scrolling of the letters in your name.

Along the whispering creek I walked in sorrow.
That remorse into madness did turn.
The Seraphim in heaven cried as I did
To extinguish my soul that now did burn.
Then I retched in horror as the rain
Smeared the scrolling of the letters in your name.

So now in my bed I lay in suffering.
The fever in my brain grows hotter still.
The doctor says my tongue I may recover
Yet placed the crucifix upon the sill.
Oh, cruel love! I've been left dumb and lame
By the scrolling of the letters in your name.

I weaken every hour and wither daily.
The doctor quits the house upon the morrow
To leave me in the fate of mercies hand
And leave my loved ones ill consumed with sorrow.
This is the prophecy that deftly came
With the scrolling of the letters in your name.

They say the devil planted one foot in me.
They say with demons I have been possessed.
They say that Lucifer is my new suitor
And I succumb again to your caress.
No one foresaw the evil thus contained
In the scrolling of the letters in your name.

So now in the dark still night I lay
As cold as the wind upon the moor
In silence and confusion writhing daily
Until the dark angel knocks on my door
And in my mind forever will remain
The scrolling of the letters in your name.

© 2007 by Kimberly Duncan


Kimberly Duncan is a Mensa member who currently lives in New Jersey. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Snow Monkey, Poetry Depth Quarterly, The American Dissident, a pos’ tro-phe, and ygdrasil. She can be e-mailed at moonglade88 [AT]





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