Tasting You

by Brent Futo

Your pulse is my passion,
Your passion, my pleasure.
My tongue will engorge your
Sweet clitoral treasure.

I'll bathe you in waters,
Of warm oral lusting.
In every recess of,
Your body so trusting.

Spread open your gateway,
To my fleshy feast.
Prepare to surrender,
Your wet, untamed beast.

Thrust-up and inspire me,
With soft, breathless moaning.
I'll press even deeper,
Devouring and groaning.

Clinch onto my neck as,
I taste number seven.
Keep going and flowing,
As I lick you to heaven.


About Brent Futo: I reside in Atlanta, Georgia and have been writing traditional and lyrical forms of poetry for more than twenty years. In earlier years, I was published in a number of small literary magazines. Recently, I have focused on building one of the web's largest sites devoted to the presentation of a single author's traditional poetry. At Lyricpoet.Net visitor's can explore a multitude of original poems on a myriad of topics, from the erotic to the inspirational, all in traditional and melodic forms.

Tasting You
© 2003
by Brent Futo






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