Aimee Undressing

by Robert Scott Leyse

Aimee knows how to dress, and it's for undressing --
To see the engaging sight's truly a blessing:
First, she squirms free of her fur -- a movement replete
With abundant smiling pauses, teasingly sweet.
Next, she stands straight as a sapling on a still day
With her back to me: my roving eyes get the lay
Of the land, her tumbling hair, round succulent ass;
I assuredly gasp at the grace of the lass
As she unfastens her skirt while gyrating slow,
Reveals sleek thighs, above black stockings, white as snow.
Then she raises her arms, flutters her hands, wiggles
That shapely behind: Aimee's curves indeed giggle
As she removes elbow-length gloves, laughingly flings
Them: delicate quivering fingers bright with rings
Claw at the air, curl and uncurl suggestively
As I pitch and roll inside like a restless sea.
Aimee wheels about to face me and lifts her blouse;
And my, but how the room's instantly a hothouse
At the sight of her taut stomach, muscles rippling
Below the soft satiny mounds, bronzy nipplings:
Expectation coils me tight, tingles of delight
Race up and down my spine, whirl in my chest, ignite
Resolution, jerk my body forward -- desire
Acquires its own momentum, suddenly requires
Me to seize and squeeze her litheness, apply my lips
To the length of her legs, suck at her silky hips;
And here we go atumbling laughing to the floor!
Such are Aimee's attributes, it's very rare more's
Ever witnessed of her disrobement act:
All blurs into action, and that's a fact!


Robert Scott Leyse was born in San Francisco, grew up in various locales about America, lived in Paris for a spell, and now resides on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Upon arrival in Manhattan he lived in several East Village dumps and worked as a New York cab driver on the night shift, with the aim of atoning for a sheltered upbringing and having adventures the likes of which he'd never had before and he wasn't disappointed; subsequently he acquired over a dozen years of experience in the legal field, where he was pleasantly surprised to find that additional adventures, of the office politics and shenanigans variety, were to be had; presently he works in the advertising field, where he's not looking for any special adventures, having decided to keep work separate from fun and games and have secrets that are easier to keep. He skis in Sun Valley, Idaho, surfs with board and body in southern California and Puerto Rico, once took a belly dance class in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the most incandescent yoga class he’s ever had was on a stand-up paddle board in Condado Lagoon during a furious rainstorm. He eats fish heads and insects and drinks blood, but can’t be paid to eat potato chips or cake.

His three novels are: Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella’s Summer of Delirium (July, 2009), Self-Murder (April, 2010), and Attraction and Repulsion (June, 2011). His two novellas are Penelope Prim and Tallulah Tempest (both February, 2015). The latter was originally intended to be a send-up of volatile relationships but turned out to be an appreciation and celebration of them instead: sometimes a tale decides where it wishes to go, the author be damned. Forthcoming are collections of short stories, epigrams, and more novellas.

© 2006 by Robert Scott Leyse





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