by Paul Stevens

"What lusts and cravings thrill the female mind
that I can write a sonnet from?" he asks;
"Can I compose a woman, whose behind
is pumped chock full of phallus, till she basks

delirious in a rich orgasmic spasm,
all orifices mouthing hymns of rapture?
Can I sing like a woman of hot jism,
in words so accurate I might just capture

the truth of female sexuality?
What do you itch the most for - tell it me!"
Her eyes half-closed in lazy sensualness,
she licks her lecherous lips, and murmurs this:

"The peccadilloes closest to my wishes
are when men vacuum, cook, and wash the dishes."

© 2007 by Paul Stevens


Paul Stevens was born in Yorkshire, but lives in Australia. He has an Honours Degree in English from the University of Sydney, and teaches Literature, Historiography, and Ancient History. His recent poetry is in The Barefoot Muse, WORM, Lily, The Argotist, The New Formalist, as well as the forthcoming Poemeleon, The Centrifugal Eye and Contemporary Sonnet. He is the Poetry Editor (with Nigel Holt) of The Shit Creek Review + II.






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