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I’m a silicon diva by day and a writer by night. Sometimes the night spills into day, and then the boss gets upset… Well, you know how it goes.

I always wanted to say I was "born a poor black child," like Steve Martin, but it just doesn’t fit. I was just a little blond, lower middle class, 'burb kid. Probably explains the bizarre obsession with all things sexual. Being a policeman’s daughter didn’t help. I started writing at the tender age of ten…albeit (yes, I admit it…) poetry. Don’t worry; I sought help after the angst-ridden teenage years.

I got into the Internet scene in 1997, when I was one of the founding members (fiction editor and product reviewer) of Clean Sheets webzine. That was when I learned about "free sex toys." Whoo hoo! Boxes of toys to review -- I was in boundary-shaking heaven! Living in Sodom and Gomorrah, er, the San Francisco Bay Area, helped to support the sex-toy habit in delicious form.

It didn’t stop there… oh no. I had to write. As every writer knows: to be a better writer, it means you have to read. A lot. (Wink, wink!). I think I cornered the market on erotica sales. Hell, I got my own reading table at B&N. All that pent up energy had to go somewhere, and it got published. I’ve been published in Exhibitions: Tales of Sex in the City, Aqua Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2001, Batteries Not Included, and a few others.

I just don’t feel quite done…the hunger still seethes beneath the surface. Can I unleash it upon you?

Oh, and feel free to visit my website: The Dark Duchess.


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