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Unlike the other staff at Sliptongue, Lisabet Sarai is not a perpetrator of practical jokes. The one incident in her life that might be interpreted that way was actually an act of revenge.

During her freshman year in high school, a male classmate (call him Bob) managed to intercept a study hall note that Lisabet was passing to a rather precocious girlfriend. This epistle contained an explicit recounting of some of Lisabet's sexual fantasies. The nefarious note-interceptor spread the contents widely around the school, portraying it as fact rather than the fiction it was. For weeks afterward, Lisabet was followed by cat-calls and nasty remarks wherever she went. Her reputation was, arguably, ruined.

After weeks of this misery, Lisabet decided to take vengeance. She found an accomplice in a loyal male friend who probably had a crush on her. Together they plotted to break into the malfeasant's gym locker. They dumped half a bottle of cheap perfume all over his gym uniform, and left a carefully calligraphed note with a well-known quote from Yeats about beauty.

Bob reeked for several days. Eventually, he apologized, but although the taunts and innuendos gradually died away, the damage to Lisabet's reputation was permanent. She was the one who wrote about probing fingers, throbbing nipples, soaked panties. Everyone knew.

Since she couldn't live her reputation down, Lisabet decided to live it up. She is the author of three erotic novels and a variety of sexy stories, as well as co-editor of a groundbreaking collection of tales about spirituality and BDSM. She has also written technical specifications, marketing brochures, song lyrics, how-to articles, grant proposals, book and movie reviews (of course), and a five hundred page dissertation. She is distinctly over-educated, with multiple degrees from Brown and Carnegie-Mellon University. Her employment history includes stints as a waitress, supermarket clerk, government researcher, and belly dancer.

Lisabet's greatest passion (after sex, of course) is travel. Her wish list of destinations is still longer than the list of places she has been, but she plans to shift that balance within the next few years. Her favorite locales include Instanbul, Prague, and Bali. She's currently in the process of moving to Bangkok, Thailand, which she expects to be the origin of many exotic journeys and the inspiration for newly outrageous stories.

For more information about Lisabet, visit her website, Lisabet Sarai's Fantasy Factory.


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