Two Sisters

by Brent Futo

I came across two sisters,
Their names were Day and Night.
The one it seems was wholly wrong,
The other holy right.

I shunned the darker sister,
For fear of what I'd find,
While golden rays of summer haze,
Danced softly through my mind.

I opened wide my virgin heart,
And begged her soul come in,
Not knowing that the evil one
Was her fraternal twin.

And knowing not what I know now,
That dusk and dawn are same,
And that a giving, open heart
Is but a viper's game.

Now sunlight-burned and having learned,
I spare myself the fight,
And live in empty certainty,
With ladies of the night.


About Brent Futo: I reside in Atlanta, Georgia and have been writing traditional and lyrical forms of poetry for more than twenty years. In earlier years, I was published in a number of small literary magazines. Recently, I have focused on building one of the web's largest sites devoted to the presentation of a single author's traditional poetry. At Lyricpoet.Net visitor's can explore a multitude of original poems on a myriad of topics, from the erotic to the inspirational, all in traditional and melodic forms.

Two Sisters
© 2003
by Brent Futo






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