Book & Film Reviews

by Kristine Hawes & Lisabet Sarai

A Review of the Anthology "Best Lesbian Erotica 2004"
by Lisabet Sarai

"Much of this collection, though, seems to focus almost exclusively on the physical. I also found it surprising (though I suspect that this reveals my ignorance of lesbian sexual conventions) how many of the encounters seemed to play out stereotyped straight scenarios: butches fucking femmes with strap-ons, femmes giving blow jobs to silicon cocks, deeper and harder and rougher is better..."

Dangerous Liason: A Review of the Novel "3"
by Lisabet Sarai

"This is no ordinary love; it is diabolical and all-consuming. Nor is the sex in '3' of the ordinary variety. An edginess pervades the sex scenes, even the most vanilla. The characters are constantly pushing boundaries, and pleasure is always tainted: by fear, by shame, by insecurity."

A Review of the Novel "3"
by Kristine Hawes
"This is no mere chronicle about three people fucking and living happily ever after. Truthfully, it's not a book I would even classify as typical erotica. While "3" is about sex and sexual acts, it is a complex story about how obsessions can become so binding as to choke out the life of their givers. This book is a dark look at the emotional and mental workings of fetish, desire, and codependency."

Discovering Desire: A Review of the Film "Friday Night"
by Lisabet Sarai
"'Friday Night' is simple and true. This is a slice of Paris life. The director makes it clear that Jean and Laure are ordinary people, caught for a moment, a night, in something extraordinary..."





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