A tale of propriety, dogged pursuit, and a dangerous double life.

Prim (definition: Webster): stiffly formal and proper: decorous; prudish. Abbreviation for: primary; primitive.

Does Penelope wear the mask of propriety to throw her coworkers off the scent? Is she privately bedeviled by disorienting impulses, the likes of which would frighten sensible people?


A celebration of a tempestuous relationship.

“Why am I afflicted with reverse radar, such that I only become involved with girls who are the opposite of what I want? Why am I a magnet for sweet-faced closet crazies without wishing to be? Why do disturbed beauties repeatedly dupe me into believing them to be balanced and then unleash chaos in my home?”



The setting is Paris. The agenda is merrymaking. The unexpected is two people falling in love and fighting for the right to love, as an ex-friend of the woman becomes insanely jealous, and clinically insane, and does his best to keep them apart. A love and adventure storywith a large cast of colorful charactersthat takes place in the parks, cemeteries, streets, and on the rooftops of Paris.

“Love can't fully bloom while obstacles stand in its way. Attraction and Repulsion tells the story of a pair of lovers in Paris, as they pursue love and the forces that keep them apart try even harder. A story of love in spite of all those who would end it, Robert Scott Leyse constructs a gripping story that will be hard to put down.”Midwest Book Review

“Here in the span of a few tumultuous days, we find a dreamed love that becomes real with quick edges, a purported ménage à trois that is not a threesome, a plotted death that is not murder, where death’s sanctuary becomes a playground, and where actors become characters and characters become actors.”—Tom Sheehan, author of Epic Cures

“Ah, to be a young man in Paris with two lovely, liberated ladies in a very contemporary ménage à trois and with a colorful crew of international misfits for friendsall of it good fun until true love and jealousy intrude, and their lives take a serious turn. Robert Scott Leyse gives us a Parisian romantic comedy with a well-earned happy ending and repartee as sparkling as the champagne.—William T. Hathaway, Rinehart Award winning author of Summer Snow

“Add a love triangle and a love-hate triangle together in Paris, mix in some festive adventures and crackling dialogue, and Attraction and Repulsion is the entertaining result. Page-turning fun, love, duress, and triumph: true happiness doesn't come cheap in life, or in this novel.”—George Fosty, ESPN featured author of Black Ice


A young man falls in love despite himself and the object of his affection is long dead.



Self-Murder is a fascinating and excellent psychological thriller readers won't be able to put down.”
Midwest Book Review

“A phantasmagoria of unbridled lust, sexual obsession, and stealth madness, Self-Murder is a dazzling indictment of desire that brims with sensory imagery and moments of exquisite verbal beauty delivered by a narrative voice that is baroque but disturbing and more than a little reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe.”
—Gary Earl Ross, Edgar Award-winning author of Blackbird Rising: A Novel of the American Spirit

"Robert Scott Leyse channels Baudelaire's Queen of Spades and Jack of Hearts, speaking darkly of dead loves, in this new book. He also reminds me of James Purdy's notorious eccentricity. There's plenty of middlebrow stuff if you want it. Self-Murder isn't that."
Kris Saknussemm, author of Private Midnight


"A fine and entertaining novel,
Liaisons for Laughs is a choice
pick for fiction readers."
Midwest Book Review

"Fun, steamy, and intelligent."
LA Weekly

Read the first
two chapters: HERE



Random Frivolity: An Angie & Ella Weblog
by Angie & Ella & Guests
Angie & Ella and their friends share excerpts from emails, silliness for its own sake, assorted rants and raves, idle whirls of thought; they trade gossip, advertise preferences, proffer advice, praise and chide and tease. Angie & Ella are second year associates at a midtown Manhattan law firm. Updated randomly.


A Review of the Anthology
"Best Lesbian Erotica 2004"

by Lisabet Sarai

"Much of this collection, though, seems to focus almost exclusively on the physical. I also found it surprising (though I suspect that this reveals my ignorance of lesbian sexual conventions) how many of the encounters seemed to play out stereotyped straight scenarios: butches fucking femmes with strap-ons, femmes giving blow jobs to silicon cocks, deeper and harder and rougher is better..."

Dangerous Liason: A Review of the Novel "3"
by Lisabet Sarai
"This is no ordinary love; it is diabolical and all-consuming. Nor is the sex in '3' of the ordinary variety. An edginess pervades the sex scenes, even the most vanilla. The characters are constantly pushing boundaries, and pleasure is always tainted: by fear, by shame, by insecurity."

A Review of the Novel "3"
by Kristine Hawes
"This is no mere chronicle about three people fucking and living happily ever after. Truthfully, it's not a book I would even classify as typical erotica. While "3" is about sex and sexual acts, it is a complex story about how obsessions can become so binding as to choke out the life of their givers. This book is a dark look at the emotional and mental workings of fetish, desire, and codependency."

Discovering Desire: A Review of the Film "Friday Night"
by Lisabet Sarai
"'Friday Night' is simple and true. This is a slice of Paris life. The director makes it clear that Jean and Laure are ordinary people, caught for a moment, a night, in something extraordinary..."



Newest Epigrams

# 37
Aimee's in a plight and a fright:
Her stocking's torn, it can't be worn.
And the formal dinner beckons:
A second-rate drab she reckons
She'll be without her precious "Reds":
An arch rival will turn more heads!
So the formal dinner's called off
And I foolishly dare to scoff.
So now my plight: no muff tonight!

# 38
As long as love-flatteries keep flowing
Christine remains kind, submissive, glowing;
The moment I put a lid on my mouth,
Her cooperative nature goes south.
So I ask: is binding myself with lies
Worth the reward of her fluttering sighs
As she opens thighs, proffers honeypot,
Undulates and giggles for my grapeshot?
Answer: I'll mouth any insane love-tale –
Beg for commitment, declare she's my grail –
When her bright eyes spin joy into my chest
And I seize, and squeeze, a succulent breast!

More Epigrams


Newest Updates:

Scram by William T. Hathaway
(Short Story)

Excerpt from the Novel, Broken Open by Robin Reinach
(Novel Excerpt)

The Snake with Heads at Both Ends by Dennis Vickers
(Short Story)

Two Dates By Sara Dobie Bauer
(Short Story)



by William T. Hathaway

"Then she went into the restaurant and found a trucker who'd take us as far as St. Louis. It was a long ride up the river. We were both tired but too hyped up to sleep and worried if there was news about us on the radio and the trucker got suspicious, we might have to get out fast. If we got caught now, we'd go to prison a lot longer. But the news was about other things, war overseas, murder at home."

Excerpt from the Novel, Broken Open
by Robin Reinach
"He might have liked giving you that impression. I can see my husband now, approaching your office cubicle, lanky and long-legged in his business suit, silk tie knotted at his throat. He places a large hand on your desktop and leans forward, blue eyes sparkling, cheeks flushed, flying high on his drug of choice: adrenalin."

The Snake with Heads at Both Ends
by Dennis Vickers
"Carmen Maria Caridad Milagros’ spirit was like a steep mountain, where rivers rush down plummeting slopes in torrents cutting deeply into the soil and stone, half in the east slope, half in the west. Such rivers carry life to the fertile valleys, no matter which direction they flow, but they disfigure the mountain’s surface and score her with bottomless ravines. So it was with Carmen Maria: fierce, uncontrollable desires ran through her and rendered her profoundly scarred."

Two Dates
By Sara Dobie Bauer
"Angela Clare loved when Reid came to her sex toy shop, Captivations. He was a bisexual, polyamorous stud, and he taught the best blow job workshops in the US. Because he was a man, the process seemed more respectable, as if he really knew what he was talking about. And he did. She’d slept with him once: a research necessity that aided in her career as a 'Sex Geek.' He not only knew blow jobs; Reid new all jobs and he always remembered her. Then again, how many women had full arm sleeves, including a dragon tattooed on the back of her neck? If anything, Angela was memorable."

Excerpt From a Novel, The Keating Script
by Tom Sheehan

"If another eye were put on them, if another view were to be seen of them, if somebody were to peer in the window, new judgments would be made of the trio. May Keating absolutely bloomed in the midst of them, a literary menage a trois. Her eyes lit up by an inner flame, long, too long, subdued. Expressions leaping to her face, crowding it into old issues, freeing from a secret vault the unused traces of her innermost feelings, highlighting her golden cheeks, the mouth whose parts were the elegance of lips almost dripping with themselves. The very set of her jaw became for the moment softer in its iron than it had been since the very crucible which had set it."

Cassidy Trench Always Gets Her Man
by Jo McCoy
"Staying low to the ground, she crept through the high grass. The blades whipped at her face as she made her way swiftly toward the field. She was certain that the noise had come from this area but it was empty, save a few horses chewing in the distance. Cassidy crouched with one knee in the soft dirt, waiting. Then something caught her eye in the trees that created a perforated line at the far edge of her property. She sped through the grass once again to get a closer look. What she saw was unmistakably a pair of legs which slid out the lonely scrabbly little apple tree. The sight stopped her short. Horses she’d shoot a man for, but apples?"

Sarah's Case
by Chip Friday
"All these guys I meet are the same. They’re passionless, tepid. I’ve grown to hate the word "tepid." When I answer an ad, I always use this word: 'I’m sick of tepid guys. I want to be seduced. I want to be taken care of.'"

The Church of Aphrodite’s Children
by William H. Libaw
"In their dressing cubicle at the church, C. C. Robeesy’s wife was reluctant to take off her clothes. Having already put his own garments in the locker, he said, 'Ann, you’ve been there, done that. You shed your body shyness years ago. Remember those sniff-me taste-me sessions? When you took us to The Center for Higher Awareness of The Lower Functions?'"

Almost Rickshaw
by Tom Sheehan
"Maye Tuong was twice as old as me. I was a fourteen-year old freshman in high school and she had been catching my eye for almost a year. I didn’t really know why that was happening, though the exploration was enjoyable, at times exciting, blood flow at early expression. When she walked, which was just about every place she went in town, her hips made me think about boats hitched to a slack rope at the tide change, where the river and the ocean met three miles downstream."

by Kris Saknussemm
"Without the Quaaludes and Canadian Club, I found myself crawling out of shoes like a millipede, waiting for the black woman in the curtain less window across the alley to begin. A giant scarab becoming a woman behind steamed glass, flesh so dark and real I could almost catch her fragrance."

by Catherine Leary
"I was born in New England and it’s a cold place. Raised in the four iron walls of the long winter. Left to brood in the dark. Growing up there made me strange though I never understood how strange until I’d shaken the winter salt from my boots. I drove south and watched the summers lengthen and felt the heat make its home in my skin. The forgotten dream spurred me onward and some days I thanked it and others I cursed it but I was happy to have the ice melted out of my toes."

Excerpt from the novel, Self-Murder
by Robert Scott Leyse
"Was I speaking aloud when I heard my voice intone, “I want to drink your death!”? In other words, did I whisper it into the ear of she with whom I was spending the night or silently recite it to myself? I wouldn’t bother to ask had I not suddenly become aware that her hands were pressing against—slapping at—my chest in a manner which seemed more strident than playful; aware it was almost as if she was insisting I raise myself off of her, bring the proceedings to a halt."

The Dead End Job
by Laurence Klavan

"They had started doing it at work because they had been so fucking bored. Not that Isabel had expected to be thrilled, exactly, collecting data in a company that made security systems—let her get this straight—so that “passive requestors” could strengthen the “trust realms” between “insecure” computers, so that web browsers could better “make requests” of—oh, the whole thing had been so lame to begin with, and so would anybody working in it..."

Apple, for Whom I Have Scoured the Universe
by Tom Sheehan
"While we are here patrolling our lives, moving about, now and then we meet, not with great frequency I must admit, most memorable people. They, in turn, haunt us one way or another until our last vision fades away, be it a turn of their face, a hand’s movement in sweet gesture, a universal shoulder announcement as they change direction, or attitude, or deference. Perhaps their impacts are from what they don’t do as well as from what they do."

Where There’s Sin…
by Daryn Houston
"She thinks about when she applied – just an ad in the paper for a customer service representative for a fruit basket company. She did not expect their boss Lisa to have a secondary job running a brothel. She watches Nathaniel blink several times at the ceiling and starts to massage his neck."

NONFICTION: After Henry: De-Demonising Miller
by Barry Baldwin

"Henry Miller has been ill-served by both defenders and detractors. Muddle begins at the simple bibliographical level. Kingsley Widmer calls his first biography (by Jay Martin, 1978) "co-operative"; Ronald Gottesman dubs it "unauthorised"; Mary Dearborn and Karl Orend (TLS, June 20, 2003) assert Miller tried to quash it." The first nonfiction essay published by Sliptongue, by distinguished scholar Barry Baldwin.

The Sex Doctor Chronicles: Pavlov’s Pussy
by Adam Madison
"Now, I am a sex doctor, so I don’t deal with animals. The only exception was a mule that I met in Amsterdam, but that’s a surprisingly boring story. Instead I work with gorgeous little nymphomaniacs from around the world, and I am telling you that I can provoke their vaginal secretions simply by ringing a bell. This may sound insane, but I have proven it during one five-day-long experiment. I took on the project after making a bet with Mr. Garza, a personal friend and a famous entrepreneur in the sex industry."

The Diagnosis
by Tom Hathaway
"Dad wished the doc had just shot him right then. To live under a death sentence, to feel time running out with nothing to do about it, seemed to make life not worth living. He got so depressed he couldn't take care of himself. Everything seemed too much trouble."

by Greg Jenkins

"When I drew near my truck, a pink light came on above me, and it shot through my fuzzy mind that this—the sudden wash of pinkness—might be another effect of the methylene chloride. But then I looked up and saw a large lilac bush, heavy with thick white flowers, and behind it a wooden apartment house, and above the white-tipped lilac, two stories up, a casement window glowing softly with a warm pink light. In a moment, the girl stepped to the window."

Blind Tasting
by EllaRegina

"They were the epitome of sophistication and urbane modern living. The men had long been vasectomized, completely relieving their marriages of pregnancy scares and latex fluid barriers. The couples were close and getting closer. The Montridge Eight gatherings elicited flirtatious behavior that grew stronger over the years. It began with one foot finding another under the table, or venturing further, toes slowly massaging a crotch. Hands would sneak inside waistbands from behind."

Leon’s Lament
by Flavian Mark Lupinetti

"Furthermore, as in similar acts of an athletic nature, the art of Tongue Fu requires the development of the supportin’ muscles as well. Even the strongest tongue can fatigue early if you neglect the deltoids and the traps and the sternocleidomastoids, which could lead to your lettin’ up on the reins just as your filly is nearin’ the finish line. Which is just plain embarrasin’."

Vice Grip
by Kevin Brown
"Behind him, on the big screen TV, this Asian chick’s taking it in the out way. Her palms pressing her tits together, her hair cinched in roped pigtails. Mouth O’d the way Kalli’s is now. Mike stands and says, 'Babe, this is not what it looks.' Noticing the shadow of his prick on the wall, he holds a hand out mime-style and says, 'At least I’m not cheating,' and she says, 'Yeah, at least there’s that.'"

Rain and the Library
by Kris Saknussemm

"Perched on the tall ladder, your skirt falls in such a way, that by standing behind the ladder I can not only glimpse, but luxuriantly examine, the curve of your ass. If I move forward, slipping between the ladder and the shelf, I can look up and see your pussy just above me…and more than that. Stopped still in mid air above me, I am close enough to catch your scent…"

Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium; Chapter One: Overture (Summer's Delirium)
by Robert Scott Leyse
"Central Park (Closest approximation of natural wilds any town could hope to have!) always tosses me off-balance in a good way, teeters me towards being rasher than my already rash self; yesterday, the effect was heightened. I was vividly—almost unbearably—aware of every flying, scampering, noisy sustenance-craving creature; my blood was ahum with the struggle each living thing shares—the never quiet urge to prolong its stay on earth and propagate itself!"

Above the Summer Moonlight
by Marsha Lockom
"I had come dressed appropriately to garner attention from both the management and band members, should I be able to meet them. Doors do seem to open for a pretty girl in the male world of metal music. I wore short-shorts, four-inch ankle tie sandals and a top cut low enough that some white skin on the tops of my breasts became sunburned from first ever exposure. Most of the fans were teenage males who secretly cast glances my way, but were never bold enough to approach. Thank goodness it was clear I was not there for them."

First Tango in Manhattan
by Tom Hathaway
"So both of us are causalities of the love wars. We get along pretty well as roommates. Instead of paying rent, he does the cooking and cleaning. Some of my friends joke about me having a live-in male maid, but I don't see it that way. It's just division of labor. At first I had to put some pressure on him to get him to raise his housekeeping standards above bachelor slob level, and his culinary skills are still in the learn-by-doing stage, but we've got a functioning living unit going here."

Jungle Dream
by Harry Johnson
"The woman's face was visible now. Her eyes were shut tight, clenched. Her lips were pursed in anguish. She had a pretty face. Her features were strong: arrogant chin, high cheekbones, and a proud forehead. Her neck was long and feminine and yet sinewy and muscular. Her ears were pierced, but there was no sign of earrings. Her torso was smeared with their blood. The bullets that had killed the man had penetrated her rib cage just beneath her right breast. Nick’s mind whirred like a high-powered computer, calculating how he fit into this scene."


Sliptongue Vocabulary Guidance
Sliptongue's own idea of what words mean. Newest definitions will always appear below.

Sliptongue Biographical Guidance: Roman Emperors and Empresses

Sliptongue Vocabulary Guidance --

Cathouse: institution of higher learning, where many a young man has obtained a much needed indoctrination into the mysteries of life. As Kirk puts it: "Before Uncle Tim took me to the cathouse in the swamp in Mississippi I was an inept, bumbling, pathetic, girl-shy idiot! I mean, Sylvia-Sue used to torment me without mercy in math class with those pink panties of hers! Used to sit across from me and spread until those pink panties were in plain sight; and, try though I might not to, I'd always go red in the face and get dizzy! Cruel Sylvia-Sue! She made no bones about laughing at me! She'd start to giggle right there in class; and all the other girls knew why, though -- thank God -- none of the guys did! But after I spent that afternoon with Lascivia in the cathouse and got to see and touch and taste and fuck first hand the pink that awaits behind all pink panties… Well, suffice to say that Sylvia-Sue didn't laugh at me again! How so? Because, now that I'd been shown what's what and knew what to do, I came to an understanding with Sylvia-Sue in the parking lot the following Tuesday during lunch hour and had a fine lunch of pink pussy in the backseat of her car! No longer unnerved by the sight of her pink panties, I was pulling them down her sleek legs and tossing them aside: one visit to the cathouse turned my life around! Sylvia-Sue continued to flash me during math class, but the sight filled me with thoughts of fun to come; instead of being paralyzed with confusion, I was rapt with appreciation!"

Defensive Disrobing: when a female, sensing that a male is rapidly losing patience with her bratty behavior and is about to shove her out the door, strips off every stitch of clothing to prevent him from doing so. Once the said female is stark naked, she glares defiantly; often, she makes comments such as: "So, Mr. Smart One, what are you going to do now?," "As you can see, I'm not leaving until I want to!," or "You'd better tell me you love me, and make it mighty convincing!" Adds St. Fond: "And the minxes are right: what guy is going to toss a naked girl outside? The moment they strip, they're holding all the cards and they know it! And don't bother with seeking to dress them against their will, either: it can't be done! Believe me, I've tried! Doesn't matter if she's a petite thing: if she doesn't want her clothes on, they're not going on! The instant you try it, she's a squirming enraged cat: not a chance of getting her arms inside those sleeves! So, you're stuck: might as well be tactful and say the things she wants to hear and cuddle awhile and wait until she puts her clothes on voluntarily; because, until then, you've got company!"

Hooker-Honking: game played by New York cab drivers. Occasionally, out-of-town males request to be taken on a tour of streets frequented by hookers so that they can stare at the skimpily clad lovelies while persuading themselves they're acquiring a seamy-side-of-life experience. So the cab driver, in order to treat them to a far more up close and personal experience, vigorously honks the horn while gesturing for the girls to come hither and pointing towards the back seat. The girls, mindful of making some money, come running and hop in the back -- something that generally throws the out of town males into a great deal of consternation. "I'm doing them the favor of jarring them from observational mode into panic mode," declares Donny, a driver at the Midland garage. "I mean, panic's a far more memorable emotion, right? I'm giving them an experience they'll remember! I'm enriching their lives! Not to mention treating myself to some fun! The looks on their faces when the girls they were gawking at in safety are suddenly sitting next to them, aggressively plying their trade… Well, it's priceless! It's the 'What have we gotten ourselves into now?' look! It's discomfort rapidly spilling over into terror! Later on, after they've vigorously protested and compelled me to ask the girls to leave, I play it innocent and say: 'Sorry, I thought that's what you wanted.' Ha! Ha! Ha!"

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Lyric/Narrative Poetry

That Was One Ferocious Tickle-Contest
by Kathryn Jacobs

The Body
by Rob Stuart

Sheet pulled up over your arms and your head, / Thighs open wide and pudendum on show, / I can’t help thinking you look like you’re dead.

Turn Back the Clock
by Hal O'Leary
"Be it known, I do not jest, / I need to get this off my chest / A female would say 'off my breasts, / That is if she were like Mae West."

by Hal O'Leary
"Should you be on a sexual quest, / Take this advice at my behest. / The starting point I find the best / Is always with a woman's breast,"

Feminine Phenomena
by Fran Higgins
"There’s a phenomenon that happens to a woman – / nothing like it really happens to a man – / when you’re walking and your bra just pops right open, / and the cool air hits your titties like a fan."

O, Queen of Queens
by Sophie Kaner
"O, Queen of Queens, most worshipped and adored, / You rule my spirit, body, loins, and heart. / O, siren, take not more than I afford, / For else I can do naught but fall apart."

The Dream
by Hal O'Leary
"I'm standing here along the shore, / With pleasant breeze, the sea aroar, / The sky is dark with stars galore, / The moon is one you can't ignore,"

by Nigel Holt
"So cold my love, but the shiver down the spine / is mine. Her breath is stilled, her lips, so blue / that even pressure from my colubrine / will not charm her cheek into a ruddy hue."

The Linguist
by Nigel Holt
"I wouldn’t kneel and tell you lies / my head between your Brazilian thighs, / for every word that passed your knees / I’d speak in tongues of Portuguese."

Cars and Love Don’t Mix
by Kathryn Jacobs
"Tie down your feelings first; it’s anal, but / we all know life gets sloppy. Thermoses / are good investments: why? The lids stay on. / Whereas at Stop-n-Go – folks, life’s abrupt,"

Fair Play
by C.B. Anderson
"A woman can, at times, embitter us / With what at first resembles an affront / By asking that we tongue her clitoris / Before we lade our treasure in her cunt."

by C.B. Anderson
"She polished off his apple, then she tried / to instigate another round. She yearned / to grapple under covers, was denied / because of how she carelessly had burned"

by R
ussell Bittner
"I love to coït with you at dawn – / not to fuck and not to screw. / The one’s anathema to Pooh; / the other, a thing too many do –"

Girl from Baku
by Russell Bittner
"I once idly wandered the wharfs of New York, / like Charles L. Dodgson, but hunting for snork, / and found there a girl set to pass on review: / a cunningly cute parvenue."

by Paul Stevens
"I feel it rising in my sap -- / a hot and heady power, / the urge to be the force that through / the green fuse drives the flower."

The Scrolling of the Letters in Your Name
by Kimberly Duncan

"They say the devil planted one foot in me. / They say with demons I have been possessed. / They say that Lucifer is my new suitor / And I succumb again to your caress."

by Paul Stevens
What lusts and cravings thrill the female mind / that I can write a sonnet from?' he asks; / 'Can I compose a woman, whose behind / is pumped chock full of phallus, till she basks..."

Aimee Undressing
by Robert Scott Leyse
"Aimee knows how to dress, and it's for undressing -- / To see the engaging sight's truly a blessing: / First, she squirms free of her fur -- a movement replete / With abundant smiling pauses, teasingly sweet."

Two Sisters
by Brent Futo

"I came across two sisters, / Their names were Day and Night. / The one it seems was wholly wrong, / The other holy right."

Judy's Joy Locket
by Robert Scott Leyse
"Judy was bored at work, staring at the wall, / Ready to scamper screaming down the hall; / But now she's quite content: why is that? / Seems she's pinkie-probing her pussy cat."

We Are Sexual Beings by Nature
by Michael Battram
"A passing glance, a New Year’s kiss, / Becomes a lurid incident, / A turning point, a fall from grace"

As Long as She's a Bitch!
by Robert Scott Leyse
"I'm not over finicky, am easy to please – / Capable of falling for a wide range of tease. / Only one condition I count, one little hitch: / A girl's got to be a strife sowing bitch!"

Tasting You
by Brent Futo
"Your pulse is my passion, / Your passion, my pleasure. / My tongue will engorge your / Sweet clitoral treasure."

Serenity Via Strife (Missy's Love)
by Robert Scott Leyse
"My understanding blurs and sight dissolves; / About Missy's behind the room revolves: / Where's the ceiling? Where are the walls? / I'm lapping with tongue, making wildcat calls!"

Emperors & Empresses

Romans Homepage

Hightower's Antics

1) Sextasy in the Cathedral (I)
"At length I found myself facing a life-sized marble statue of an attractive female Saint: she was on her back on the ground, arms and legs flung out at her sides, wavy hair streaming in every direction; her head was tossed back, her eyes were half closed, an expression of rapture suffused her face. The beauty of her face, slender symmetry of her body, commenced to have an effect on me..."

2) Sextasy in the Cathedral (II)
"I shoved myself harder against her and her body eagerly returned the pressure, insistently quivered; a rapid series of deep sigh-like breaths continued to pass in and out of her mouth; her sable coat -- as if by magic -- slid backwards, revealing the full length of her left thigh; in another moment I was kneading its soft nakedness (she wasn't wearing stockings) with both hands and her coat was flung over all, a concealing veil."

3) Kinky Kicks on Company Time (I)
"Where have I not had sex at the firm? and what sexual practices have I failed to indulge in at the firm? and when have I not been able to laugh at conceited disciplinary idiots at the firm, on account of all the fun I was having in the immediate vicinity? That incomparably cute full-figured Catholic girl first comes to mind -- so sexily clothed in a conservative manner -- cashmere turtleneck sweaters, pleated skirts of a respectable length, everything stylish but simple..."

4) Kinky Kicks on Company Time (II)
"Yes, a steady buildup of anticipation -- impatient desire -- followed by the consummation of it! The inner dips and rolls, awashings of the soul! The Catholic lovely and I became connoisseurs of the difference between hunger and the surrender to it; we invented a diversion, which we labeled The Sharp Contrast Game."

5) Kinky Kicks on Company Time (III), or Cubicles and the Cutsie Club
"Listen: in any workplace there are unhappy, depressed, stupid people whose only pleasure in life is killing the happiness of others, and seeking to have things run according to the dictates of their dismal personalities; so you've got to -- I repeat, got to! -- counterbalance their unhealthy influence by having sex under their noses at work as much as possible!"

Pawtawnee Chronicles

Chronicle No. 1
Appearance and disposition of Messalina Saph, businesswoman. "Sir, feel free to reach up and masturbate the slut: that's what she's paid for!"

Chronicle No. 2
Reverend Themsley discovers the wilder side of pleasure. "Give me pink love-flowers, slippery flesh-petals, moist bushes! Permit me, please, to water those bushes! -- to part wide the petals, thrust deep with tongue, lap up all the nectar!"

Chronicle No. 3
Judge Naught
on begs to differ with the stern pronouncements of his wife. "Oh, shit! I don't believe it! My death-in-life fun-hating prude bitch of a wife's on the butcher's front steps! Quick, Chastity, get down! -- crouch in the ditch, my life depends on it!"