O, Queen of Queens

by Sophie Kaner

O, Queen of Queens, most worshipped and adored,
You rule my spirit, body, loins, and heart.
O, siren, take not more than I afford,
For else I can do naught but fall apart.
Seducéd by your tongue, and silken ways,
Into your sensual embrace I fall.
And ah, entrappéd in a lustful daze,
Again I come, I come, held in your thrall.
Seductress! Temptress! Fruitlessly I cry,
For never shall I dare to leave your side,
While aught of breath remains for moan or sigh;
With pleasure such as this, who cares for pride?
But though ‘tis your sweet body that I kiss,
From your deep intellect I gain my bliss.


Sophie Kaner is a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When she is not writing poetry, she spends her time dancing, acting, and directing. She enjoys old musicals, stupid jokes, and her five-year-old brother, Billy.





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