Erotic Poetry

That Was One Ferocious Tickle-Contest
by Kathryn Jacobs

Turn Back the Clock
by Hal O'Leary

by Hal O'Leary

Feminine Phenomena
by Fran Higgins

O, Queen of Queens
by Sophie Kaner

The Dream
by Hal O'Leary

by Nigel Holt

The Linguist
by Nigel Holt

Cars and Love Don’t Mix
by Kathryn Jacobs

Fair Play
by C.B. Anderson

by C.B. Anderson

by Russell Bittner

Girl from Baku
by Russell Bittner

by Paul Stevens

"I feel it rising in my sap --
a hot and heady power,
the urge to be the force that through
the green fuse drives the flower."

by Paul Stevens

"'What lusts and cravings thrill the female mind
that I can write a sonnet from?' he asks;
'Can I compose a woman, whose behind
is pumped chock full of phallus, till she basks..."

Aimee Undressing
by Robert Scott Leyse

"Aimee knows how to dress, and it's for undressing --
To see the engaging sight's truly a blessing:
First, she squirms free of her fur -- a movement replete
With abundant smiling pauses, teasingly sweet."

Two Sisters
by Brent Futo

"I came across two sisters,
Their names were Day and Night.
The one it seems was wholly wrong,
The other holy right."

Judy's Joy Locket
by Robert Scott Leyse

"Judy was bored at work, staring at the wall,
Ready to scamper screaming down the hall;
But now she's quite content: why is that?
Seems she's pinkie-probing her pussy cat."

We Are Sexual Beings by Nature
by Michael Battram

"A passing glance, a New Year’s kiss,
Becomes a lurid incident,
A turning point, a fall from grace"

As Long as She's a Bitch!
by Robert Scott Leyse

"I'm not over finicky, am easy to please --
Capable of falling for a wide range of tease.
Only one condition I count, one little hitch:
A girl's got to be a strife sowing bitch!"

Tasting You
by Brent Futo

"Your pulse is my passion,
Your passion, my pleasure.
My tongue will engorge your
Sweet clitoral treasure."

Serenity Via Strife (Missy's Love)
by Robert Scott Leyse

"My understanding blurs and sight dissolves;
About Missy's behind the room revolves:
Where's the ceiling? Where are the walls?
I'm lapping with tongue, making wildcat calls!

After the Funeral
by Paul Curtis

"At the funeral on the remembrance lawn
Looking at her all in black gave me the horn
This may well be regarded as shocking
But I pictured her wearing only stockings"

Mr. Gas Station Man
by Robert Scott Leyse

"'Mr. Gas Station Man, fill me to the brim --
Slosh my pussy, overflow its pink rim,
With a rushing gush of tingling jism!'
Requests Christy-Sue -- her eyes are prisms
Radiant with desire, delight, laughter."






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