Feminine Phenomena

by Fran Higgins

There’s a phenomenon that happens to a woman –
nothing like it really happens to a man –
when you’re walking and your bra just pops right open,
and the cool air hits your titties like a fan.

my boobs are free.
They didn’t mean to be.
Why me?

The trick is not to look like something happened.
Don’t draw attention to your chest, just look ahead.
Tuck arms in close to give support and keep from bouncing,
and find a bathroom quick before your face turns red.

my boobs are free.
They didn’t mean to be.
Why me?

Now if you’re wearing lots of layers just enjoy it.
Loosen up and benefit from the surprise.
Take a deep breath and relax just for a moment,
although I guess it does depend upon your size.

A, B, or C –
you can go free.
D or E – remedy

If it’s not a hook that slipped and you can’t fix it
without a thread or needle, safety pin or clip,
have a boyfriend who always carries duct tape.
That’ll fix your bra, and what a handy tip!

my boobs are free.
Maybe they were
meant to be.


Fran Higgins' poetry has appeared in Plains Song Review, and Celebrate. She holds a BFA in creative writing and a graduate certificate in Advanced Writing from the University of Nebraska Omaha, and is finishing her Master’s in English. Her thesis is a memoir. Fran is also a singer, musician, and painter who believes everything one does well is an art form, including sex.





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