Trading Up

by R.G. Larsen

A new model year beckoned to Stephanie, and she responded as she always did by cruising the new car showrooms. Her nails flashed like the bright enamel finishes; her earrings mirrored the glitzy chrome of bumpers, but there the resemblance ended. Stephanie could switch gears faster than a Porsche Speedster and run circles around the competition.

This evening she found the salesmen delightful, young, and eager to please. Some needed only to write a certain number of orders, even if the customer did not qualify, others desperately needed that last sale of the month to put them over the top. She always managed to find one whose needs enabled her to motor pleasantly for another model year. The challenge enervated her and became more important when closing a deal than the automobile itself. “Such handsome men this year; such a virile crop,” she thought.

Having browsed Chevrolet, Honda, and Toyota dealerships without finding what she sought, she entered a Ford agency. There she spotted an athletic and striking young man with piercing blue eyes and blond, crew cut hair. His intensity showed that he was just a car or two short of achieving some sales goal. Another man approached her.

“May I help you this evening?” he asked.

“Thank you, no. I’m waiting for . . . ” Stephanie motioned in the direction of the younger man.

“Oh, Scott Williams, certainly. May I tell him you are waiting?”

“Please do.” She handed him her business card.

“Stephanie Sweet. Thank you. I’ll tell Scott that you are here. I’m his sales manager, Howard Fast.” He smiled. Stephanie noted that while he talked, his attention returned repeatedly to her cleavage. She smiled back.

“We’d make a great team, Howard, Sweet and Fast.” She laughed, feigning disinterest but let her eyes dart momentarily back. Howard did not miss her glance. “I might need the sales manager, too, if I am going to drive out of here in a new Thunderbird convertible,” she thought.

Her hips moved with practiced cadence when she stepped forward to take Scott’s hand of welcome. She stopped short and leaned forward in a full frontal attack posture. She saw Scott swallow. “This red Thunderbird convertible is lovely. It is new isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet, they all are,” he replied. His gaze had moved to her tiny waist and back to her lovely face. He watched her golden curls dance and bob as she turned her head. He found the little smile lines under her eyes captivating.

“No, I meant that Ford hasn’t made the Thunderbird in a long time, have they? And please just call me Stephanie.”

“Actually, Stephanie, it was reintroduced a few years ago. Beautiful isn’t it?”

“Scott, convertibles get me excited.” She made a “Brrr” sound as she giggled. “I’m quite a gear head,” she said with wide-eyed innocence. May I look under the hood?”

“Absolutely,” he replied, released its latch and lifted its hood. Before he could say more, Stephanie bent over the radiator to put her head inside the engine compartment. Her short summer shift revealed shapely thighs and pale blue Victoria’s Secret panties. He stood there riveted but impressed as she asked him question after question. Her last question was her best, Scott decided.

“Oh, Scott, I know it is probably closing time, but can we take it for a spin?”

The rest of the evening was one good move after another and they ended up parked under the stars. “Please don’t eat my panties Stephanie pleaded. Let me just lift my hips so you can slide them off.” While he energetically attended to her parted thighs, he could not see her scanning the window price sticker. Cool leather seats felt good against her skin in the warm evening as her temperature rose to match his rhythm. “Scott, not so fast. I want this to last. Are you going to take $2,000 off the advertised price for me?”

“Certainly,” he gulped.

“For another five dollars you get these, Scott.” She cupped her breasts and held them out as she arched her back.

“Five dollars?” he laughed. “You said five dollars?”

“Yes, five dollars each. That’s $2010 dollars off. I’m a convertible, too, Scott. Want to see my top come down?” He did. She unzipped her zipper in back and pulled her top down. In moments he had crawled up to flick his tongue over one then the other. He was not without talent, and his hand quickly continued what his lips had just left below. “Oh, that’s it, Scott. Just like that.” She added a few gasps for effect.

“How’s that?” he asked between mouthfuls.

“Good boy, Scott, don’t stop and don’t go too fast. I don’t want to cum yet, okay?” Her left hand felt the swelling erection that threatened to rip the fine stitching in his trousers asunder. “My God, you are huge,” she said as she began to gently squeeze him. “Do you plan to stick that in me tonight?”

He stopped. “Yes, that was the general idea.”

“Kind of like we were back in high school,” she teased, rubbing him lightly.

“Something like that,” he answered, grinning, ready to press his advantage. She had the aroma of a woman aroused. He could feel her responding to his fingers. “But I never dated anyone built like you in high school.”

“She let her tongue find his ear and whispered, “I bet there are a few other things you didn’t get to do in high school. I bet you never put Mary Lou or Peggy Sue over the front seat and mounted them in the moonlight?

“No, I didn’t,” he said.

“Want to do it now, Scott. Right now. Want to do it to me?”

“Hell, yes.”

“Worth another $850 off the sticker price, Scott?”

“Fuck it, sure. Let’s do it.” She could feel the heat of his body as she flung off her shift. He was out of his shoes and trousers in seconds. Her breasts banged against the leather seat back as he began to pump in earnest.

“Harder, Scott. Just like that. Steady and hard.” The T-Bird began to rock in rhythm. “Scott, didn’t you think my ass was cute when I leaned over the hood? Did my tight buns excite you?”

“Yes, yes, and they still do. Beautiful butt. Gorgeous ass,” he grunted, hardly able to control his pleasure.

“You can go there, too, Scott, if we make the deal an even $5000? Do you want to pound my ass, Scott?”

“Yes, Stephanie, yes.” There was no stopping now.

“Harder, faster and harder. Do it, Scott. Don’t stop. Faster, faster.”

Afterwards, as they searched for pieces of clothing, Stephanie asked, “Are you married?” She knew he was, but continued to play with him.

“Yeah, very married. No kids, yet.”

“You were perfect, Scott, so strong and hard. Why don’t you call your wife and tell her you have to deliver a car out of town tonight. If you come over to my place, I promise to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had, and I’ll fuck your brains out again in the morning or as many times before then as you want.”

He fastened his belt and zipped his fly. “Stephanie, I can’t give you any more off that T-Bird. I’m probably in trouble with the boss already for what I just promised.”

“You gave me a nice ride in the moonlight,” she cooed. “Now I want to give you one. There are no strings attached. What do you say?” He reached for his cell phone. He grinned until his mouth hurt as he drove Stephanie home.

The next afternoon, she made a visit to the dealership. “Scott is out with a customer at the moment, but he tells me that we have a deal on that red T-Bird, except for the final okay on your trade-in,” Howard said.

“Yes, I believe we do,” she replied sweetly and then thought, “I’m about to be screwed again – this time in public with my clothes still on.”

“I looked it over. It is almost in new condition. I’m sure we can go high book value.” He waited for her response.

“It has a little squeak,” she said. “Maybe we ought to take it for a little ride so I can show you?”

“It can’t be serious. Our mechanic will check it out.” he replied.

“Damn,” she thought, “I have to get him in the car or alone somewhere.” She smiled in appreciation and smoothed the natural calfskin skirt she was wearing over her thighs. “Howard,” she said, “is there somewhere we can chat in private for a moment?”

He smiled. “Well, I am pretty busy, but why not.” He took her arm and guided her toward a glassed cubicle on the sales floor. “The regional sales manager is waiting in my private office so perhaps this will do?” he offered.

She wondered if he was really that dense or had she sent the wrong signals. She reached around with her free arm and tucked her thin blouse tighter into the back of her skirt as they walked. When she again sat down her breasts would be struggling to be free of their constraints. “This is nice and private,” she lied and smiled as she sat slightly to one side of his desk and crossed her legs. Her skirt moved up as planned. “Now about my trade-in,” she began.

Howard cut her off. “You want to screw me like you screwed Scott last night?”

She feigned embarrassment. “Really, Mr. Fast, I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Knock it off, Stephanie. I looked over the paperwork already and took one look at Scott when he came in. He didn’t say a word to me. I figured out what happened. I’ll honor the deal because he’s a good salesman, and I’ll give you high book value as promised, unless you are interested in a little more off?”

“Here it is, finally,” she thought. “The bastard has been toying with me the whole time.” She put on a quizzical look that she had practiced many times. “So, Mr. Fast, what do you have in mind and how much more?”

“There is a factory incentive for another two thousand dollars off which just expired. I can have Scott rewrite the sales order and pre-date it so it looks like you bought the car a couple of days ago.” She nodded her acceptance but raised her eyebrows in question. “The deal is you do it again for Scott right here in on the sales floor. You do it exactly as you did it last night but after we close and turn the lights down. I’ll schedule the custodial people not to come until after midnight.”

“Why Howard Fast, you dirty old man. You want to watch, don’t you?” She was laughing as she said this. This time it was Howard that sheepishly grinned.

“Okay, we have a deal,” she answered.

“Good, I’ll start the paperwork now because Scott doesn’t have to know any of this. You can sign it when you come in tonight just before ten o’clock. If all goes well, I’ll add my signature and you can pick up your new car tomorrow. How do you plan to pull this off?”

“Just leave that to me.” She smiled knowingly.

About eight P.M. Howard mentioned to Scott that he had commitments elsewhere. “I won’t be back so please close up for the evening. I got that nice young woman a factory incentive by pre-dating the sales order. Doesn’t hurt us and it will make for a happy customer. Rewrite it and I’ll sign it in the morning. The custodial crew won’t be in until midnight so turn out the lights except for that neon Ford sign.”

“Hello, Scotty,” Stephanie said when she entered before closing.

“Wow, I expected you earlier today. I have some good news for you. You get a factory incentive for another two thousand dollars. The boss didn’t want to give it to you, but I convinced him to pre-date the sales order.”

“How wonderful.” She said, looking over the contract and signing, “but that isn’t what I came for. I want you to do me like you did me last night.”

“I can’t call and say I have another car to deliver. That won’t work again. Maybe we could make it for tomorrow when I have a day off?” he asked.

“I want you right now, Scott, in that red convertible right here on the sales floor. Can’t you lock up and turn off the lights?”

Scott seemed unsure despite the rising pressure in his shorts. She inched the blue shift she was wearing up an inch at a time. She had nothing on underneath. He watched her dress rise until it reached a mound of golden hair. She wet an index finger with her lips, placed it inside her, and slowly began to rub herself while licking her lips.

“I’ll get the lights and lock the doors,” he said as he rushed out. She climbed into the convertible to wait, kicking off her sandals but waiting for Scott to return and remove her light cotton shift.

All went as expected and better than Howard had hoped. By his side stood Mrs. Scott Williams, the evening’s surprise guest, lured to the dealership to present her husband with a “Top Sales Award” and a sizeable cash bonus.

“Oh Scott,” moaned Stephanie. Her long, tanned legs were spread and her bronzed skin a lovely compliment to the seat’s white surface. “Do it harder like you did it last night, Scott,” she screamed. “More, more, faster.” Then she whispered, “Turn me over, Scotty, and pump like you’ve never pumped before. Drive me right through the trunk lid.”

She screamed with delight when he followed her instructions to the letter. They both screamed when the lights suddenly burst on and Maryanne Williams shot forth from Howard’s office.

“You lousy bastard. You cheating son-of-a-bitch. So this is how you delivered a car out of town last night?” Stephanie reached for her dress and shoes and tried to look small. “I’ll cut your fucking heart out if I ever see you again. Don’t even think about trying to lie your way out of this. It is over. Try to come back into my house and I’ll shoot you with that little automatic you gave me for protection. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Maryanne, I can explain…” he attempted.

“Is everything I just said completely clear?” she asked. Stephanie, now dressed, noticed that Howard had returned to comfort the enraged but incredibly beautiful Mrs. Williams. In fact, he had put his arm around her waist.

“Scott, I am very disappointed with what I just witnessed. Come back tomorrow and clean out your desk. You can leave your keys on your desk now. I have left the side door unlocked so you and Miss Sweet can leave that way. I suggest you do it quickly. I asked Maryanne to come down here tonight to surprise you with an award and a cash bonus. Goodbye, Scott.” He turned to escort Maryanne Williams into his office. He now had his arm around her shoulder. Her head rested on his neck as she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief.

“What a fucking circus,” thought Stephanie. Howard returned shortly and picked up her contract from Scott’s out-box. He signed it.

“Despite what happened here tonight,” he said, “we still honor contracts made in good faith.” He looked at a shaken Scott Williams and shook his head in disbelief. “Your car will be read tomorrow after we clean the upholstery, Miss Sweet.” When Scott turned away in shame, he winked at Stephanie then returned to comfort Mrs. Williams.

Stephanie shrugged off Scott’s offer to escort her. She just wanted to get to her own car and put back on the panties she had earlier removed and stashed in her purse. As she walked she heard the purr of a motor. An auto drove a few feet behind her. She refused to look until a blue Mercedes coupe pulled ahead of her and Mrs. Scott Williams got out.

“Oh, shit,” she thought, remembering Mrs. Williams’ talk of an automatic pistol. “This is where the outraged wife shoots her husband’s lover. Fuck.” Her legs were rubbery as she stopped and trembled.

“Please don’t be afraid,” Mrs. Williams said as she approached. Despite her fear, Stephanie was struck by the woman’s tone of command and her outstanding good looks.”

“Please don’t shoot me. I just met Scott last night for the first time. I didn’t know he had a wife. He told me he wasn’t married. I’m sorry. Please?” Stephanie genuinely scared didn’t have to work hard to make tears.

“You poor dear. Come here. I’m not going to shoot anyone. That was just to keep Scott from bothering me, although I wouldn’t mind if someone did shoot him. I haven’t seen that stupid gun in years and don’t know where I put it. He has been cheating on me since we were married. I have never been able to prove it. I really owe you a big thank you.” She held out her hand, “I’m Maryanne Williams. I owe you my gratitude.” Stephanie shook her hand. “You are shaking. Are you cold?”

“I was scared,” Stephanie whimpered. “I didn’t know what you were going to do. It is late. I was going to get my car and I’m all alone.”

Maryanne put her arms around her. “You poor thing,” Maryanne said as she held her. “Let’s just go get some hot chocolate and talk. Come on, I’ll drive us and we can come back later for your car, okay?” Stephanie nodded. Sitting next to Maryanne as she drove, she pretended to cry. Maryanne put her arm around her and quieted her.

She turned to look up at the beautiful Maryanne. “I noticed that Howard had his arm pretty tightly around you. Are you two involved?” she asked.

“Oh, my God, no. That man is a pervert. He hit on every other salesman’s wife in the agency, and he hit on me every chance he got. He had a big rod-on while you two were getting it on. I could feel it since he was so close behind me. I have had it with Scott, with Howard, and with every other man for a long time.”

“Me, too,” replied Stephanie, sensing a change in the conversation. Her predatory instincts were seldom wrong.

“You, too?” Maryanne asked, pulling her closer.

“Yes, I feel so used after what happened.”

“It was a bad evening, but I must admit that I was getting a little aroused myself when watching.”

“Scott aroused you by having sex with another woman?” Stephanie asked.

“No,” Maryanne answered, “it was watching you that got me aroused.

Stephanie moved her hand to caress Maryanne’s thigh and put her head on her shoulder. She felt Maryanne spread her legs and slid her hand up farther. “Maybe we should just skip the hot chocolate,” Stephanie said.

“I was hoping you’d want to do that. Would you like to come home with me?”

“I would like nothing better,” replied Stephanie. She cuddled up to her hostess as her eyes took in the red dash lights of the new Mercedes Coupe.

“Oh goody,” she thought, “I’ve never owned a Mercedes before. This is going to be a challenge I will enjoy.” She reached up and took Maryanne’s hand, placed it where her panties would have been had she had time to get them on. She let Maryanne feel her - wet, warm, and ready.


R. G. Larsen was born in San Francisco. He received his BA from S.F. State and MA from U.S.F. He currently lives in Santa Rosa, California and writes short stories and novels.

Trading Up
© 2005 by R. G. Larsen
All rights reserved.





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